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ABC Ministries

ABC Ministry, Abandoned Babies for Christ, is a Ministry because we minister into the whole of the child, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our vision is to take in abandoned and unwanted babies, who most times are close to death, nurse them back to health and care for them as their substitute parents. The babies who cannot be returned to family or adopted out, will be transferred to other children’s homes in Swaziland, for permanent care. We work very closely with the Swaziland Government Social Welfare Services and also the Royal Swazi Police Force. Our babies are only admitted through these organizations.  We are officially recognized as a halfway home for abandoned babies. Our main vision is to rescue abandoned babies from being neglected and being left to die through lack of care and nurturing in the hospitals. We lay a foundation for Godly living within these babies’ lives by actually living with them in our own home.